Grease Traps

Installation of a grease trap & small commercial kitchen for a new Mexican franchise restaurant in Victoria Park.Grease traps are a pre-treatment facility, which uses baffles and the flow of water to slow down and effectively capture grease in the unit. As water is pushed above and below the pre cast baffles, it breaks up the grease and effectively allows treated, clean black water to drain away while keeping the grease layer. Grease traps are required to be registered with the Trade Waste department, be signed up to a maintenance program – as they should be cleaned every year at minimum. Have an Industrial Waste sampling point and backflow protected hose tap for wash-down.

Horatio Plumbing Services are able to design and install a grease waste system to your requirements. If you are opening a small café or a large kitchen, we have the expertise to deliver a cost effective solution. There are three types of common construction material for grease traps, polyethylene, concrete and fiberglass. Pictured to the right is the installation of a 550L poly grease trap – as you can see its perfect for a tight installation.

The benefits of a polyethylene grease trap are:

  1. Light weight/easy to manoeuvre.
  2. Very small finished foot print.
  3. Easy servicing.
  4. Available in trafficable and non trafficable situation – above and below ground installations.

Concrete grease traps are fantastic for larger, easier to access areas where a crane or larger excavator can be used to lift them into position. Concrete grease traps are usually installed in high traffic areas subjected to heavy vehicle loads. The benefits of a concrete grease trap are:

  1. Robust construction.
  2. Concrete inserts allow the actual grease trap to be located significantly deeper than the lid.
  3. Simplified installation over the polyethylene versions (Less installation requirements).
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