Leaking Toilets

Lift open the cover and seat of the toilet bowl – If your toilet is leaking into the bowl you your outlet rubber is perished, or your inlet valve is broken and allowing too much water into the cistern (Overflow water is running into the bowl). If you can hear your toilet filling up at night time without using it, your inlet valve needs to be replaced. You can test your toilet for leaks by placing some food colouring in your cistern, or simply placing a square of toilet paper at the base of the bowl, just above the water.

If there water on the floor around your toilet, even after you’ve cleaned up the water, it would likely be caused by a leaking toilet supply line.

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Leaking Toilet Causes

As toilets have working, wearing parts – the majority of causes of leaking toilets is mechanical failure or rubber seals perishing. Chemical’s can break down rubber very quickly, and nothing should ever be put inside your toilet cistern! Any blue or green tablets or pellets should never be put inside the cistern, it causes parts to break down at a rapid rate and makes maintenance hazardous and extremely messy. If you are inclined to use such products, its best to use the ones that clip onto the toilet bowl.

The cause behind a toilet that is leaking into the bowl is dirt, grit, or breakdown of O-rings and seals of the inlet valve (Causing the toilet to fill up too much and overflow into the bowl) Or the outlet rubber that seals the plunger that allows water to leave the cistern into the bowl has perished.

If your toilet shut off valve wont shut off – its due to O-rings or jumper washers inside the tap itself failing to seal – This is usually due to poor maintenance of the valve, or very cheap valves being used. Some plumbers choose to install very cheap valves that have a 12 month or less warranty, which means that after they have been installed, the next time they are used they will either fail to isolate the water supply, or leak. It’s best to replace with a quality valve that will keep its good looks and won’t fail.

If your toilet is leaking from the waste pipe, it could be due to a poor installation (Waste pipe cut too short) and it’s pulling out of the toilet bowl itself, or rubbers and seals have perished, which need replacing to stop the toilet from leaking

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