Sewer Conversions

Horatio Plumbing Services Pty Ltd is able to carry out any Sewer Conversion job’s in the Perth Metro Area. With a experienced drainage crew and Plumbers, every job is carried out to a high standard, ensuring the customer is happy and jobs fit within the budget.

The Water Corporations sewerage infill project is near the end for the Perth Metropolitan area. With the majority of metro suburbs now being connected to main sewer this type of work is not as common as it used to be, at the moment the Water Corporation is completing its deep sewer works in the following suburbs. The link to the Water Corporations sewerage infill project can be found here Water Corp – Sewerage Infill Project.

Even though the majority of Perth suburbs have main sewer available – quite a few properties scattered over the metro area are still connected to Septic Tanks. Even if you are still connected to your Septic System and main sewer is available in your street, you will pay for it in your water rates.

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Connecting your septic system to the main sewer

  • Quotes will vary between jobs and will be based on the difficulty factor of the job.
  • Horatio Plumbing will engage a liquid waste contractor to pump out and decommission tanks, which costs between $800 to $1200 depending on the liquid volume.
  • You can opt to have the tanks and drains (or wells) physically removed from your house, which will increase the cost of the job, includes disposal.
  • You can also opt to leave the septic tanks in place and have them decommissioned and back filled, which is perfectly fine as long as the base of the tanks are broken and its properly compacted.
  • Horatio Plumbing will connect the end of the existing sewer line into the new main sewer, usually located in the Front or Rear of the property.
  • Surfaces will be re-instated as best as possible, and as neat as possible.
  • Horatio Plumbing will issue you with decommission paperwork and a plan of your new sewer line.

Some jobs may require cutting and removal of concrete, pavers, limestone or other building projects – This usually won’t be replaced by the plumber and will be excluded in most quotes – However, Horatio Plumbing Services is able to offer all reinstatement services by trade qualified, concreters, pavers and earth works contractors.

The total cost of a Sewer Conversion can range between $2,000 to $5,500 depending on how much work needs to be carried out, the location of the new sewer connection and the location of the existing septic tanks. Most septic tanks end up getting covered with concrete or pavers, making them hard to access for servicing and sometimes even harder for a sewer conversion to take place. Some properties that have been heavily modified, renovated and extended can become very difficult to excavate and install new pipes into, which is reflected on the quoted prices. A straight forward to a semi involved sewer conversion will take no more than one day – during this time you will not be able to use any fixtures in your house, i.e, toilets, sinks, basins, kitchen sinks etc.

If you would like a quote, you can contact Will Fogarty about your sewer conversion. Contact Us


Description Price
Requires a phone call & quote From $2,000

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