Commercial Hot Water Systems

Commercial hot water can come in many different forms, single stand alone units, packaged units, solar units, combination gas / solar units, heat pumps and electric. Majority of commercial hot water units are gas / solar powered  and are coupled with a circulated ring main. Depending on the size of the ring main and insulation type this is the best way to circulate hot water over long distances, with the correct design and installation heat loss can be as loss as 1 to 5* on the return line.  Hotels, restaurants, schools, day care and Industrial complexes all usually require a heavy duty, commercial unit. Commercial hot water units come with a better warranty, are able to cope with continuous running conditions and are designed for such installations. They can come as internal or external units and there is a solution to any commercial hot water installation.

Commercial properties, depending on the use and size often require a large hot water system, they can also require a higher flow rate and higher water temperature then domestic hot water heater. Often hot water units are banked together, to provide flow rate and temperature at peak periods, they can also be connected to storage tanks, solar pre heater or connected to a mechanical plumbing system. Older apartment blocks often have a large bank of storage heaters with a circulated hot water system to provide hot water to every apartment. Depending on the location, they could also have two large boilers providing the hot water, often these older installations do comply with regulation and require the plant room or installation to be rectified before new units are added, modified or replaced. Commercial kitchens will often have a continuous flow gas hot water unit to supply their hot water needs, with larger kitchens having a couple banked together, or a storage unit. Retirement homes with large circulated hot water systems may have a central plant room with heaters and storage units, or individual hot water systems for each block or residence.

Commercial hot water systems need regular maintenance and repairs to keep working efficiently and not fail catastrophically – as a complete breakdown can cause a lot of problems, especially if you are a hotel, apartment block or a facility that requires constant hot water.

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Repairs & Maintenance

  • A scheduled maintenance program should be started up and followed to ensure longevity of the hot water setup.
  • Installation of a water filter before the hot water plant will ensure maximum efficiency and lifespan of the unit - Installing a water filter is a great way to ensure everything is going to last for a long time.
  • Operating valves every six months - Hot water relief valves, cold water relief valves - isolation valves - just turning them on and off helps keep them from seizing up.
  • Replacement of anodes and relief valves - every five years this should be carried out to manufacturers instructions.
  • On instantaneous units further maintenance may be required - such as replacement of sensors, cleaning of probes and general cleaning of units, checking operation of fans etc.
  • For any units with circulation pumps - the filters need to be cleaned and the pumps general operation needs to be checked.
  • Solar panels require cleaning, solar flow and return lines require inspection for leaks or air locks.
  • Control panels require testing.


Obviously depending on the size of the installation also depends on the maintenance required, a small commercial kitchen won’t need the same level of maintenance as a multi story hotel.

The most popular commercial style hot water systems in Perth are:

Rheem Commercial

Rinnai Commercial

Thermann Commercial

Bosch Commercial

Horatio Plumbing Services are able to replace any commercial hot water unit, or design a hot water system to your requirements. We are also able to provide an energy audit of your current water heating system, breaking down your costs and recommending more efficient ways of heating water.


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