If you are renovating your house, you may be adding additional bathrooms to your house, or a second level, re-modelling your bathrooms, kitchen or laundry, or simple require some sewer or water pipes reverted to allow footings and construction to begin. Horatio Plumbing Services can assist you with any house renovations works, which may include running new water, gas or sewer lines to your property, suspended drainage, stack work to additional levels, bathroom, laundry or kitchen re-modelling or any future storm water or soak well requirements you may have.


Undertaking a bathroom renovation can be either a very simple task, or become quite involved, depending on what you would like to do, the size of the bathroom, location from plumbing services and type of fixtures chosen. You could choose to simple replace the existing fixtures, tap ware and re-tile which is an easy way to bring new life to an older bathroom.

If you choose to do a complete remodel of your bathroom it becomes more labour intensive. Floors have to be cut and patched, pipes have to be moved, water points have to be moved and sometimes additional walls or removal of walls are required. It also will be more intrusive, as large and sometimes loud power tools have to be used to remove concrete, sections of the house will have to be used as walkways for wheelbarrows, materials and rubbish. Sometimes, depending on the size of the renovation, a builder may be required to oversee the renovation, especially if structural aspects of the room have to be changed or there is significant modifications to the roof line of the property.

Horatio Plumbing Services can help you design an effective and stylish bathroom, we can offer fantastic advice, pairing of fixtures to tapware, assistance with tile selection and bathroom layouts, information about the newest fixtures and tap ware. We can also recommend trades, suppliers and arrange skip bins and machinery to assist with the renovation. If organizing all the trades for your project becomes too much, Horatio Plumbing Services can offer a project management service, where we will organize all relevant trades, oversee work, ensure quality of trades and over all deliver a finished bathroom to any requirements.


Depending on the type of kitchen renovation you are doing, which could range from a simple changeover of existing kitchen cabinets and worktops to a complete remodel will affect the type of plumbing you will require.

Usually for a simple replacement of existing kitchen layout, a disconnect / reconnect will be required, which is disconnection of all existing plumbing fixtures, capping off and making safe, then reconnecting it after the cabinetmaker has installed the new kitchen.

Complete remodelling will required more extensive plumbing, or if you are updating an older kitchen to a modern kitchen. Usually re-tubing out the kitchen to allow for a mixer tap, moving the waste pipe to suit the new sink height and location and making provisions for a gas cooktop or oven will be required. Sometimes floors will have to be cut and removed to allow for waste pipes and services to island kitchens or fixtures on the opposite walls.

Horatio Plumbing Services is able to provide a complete plumbing and gas solution, from roughing in to fit off!


Depending on the type of Laundry renovation you are going to undertake, will depend on the amount of plumbing required. A simple replacement of laundry trough, cabinets and tapware to a complete remodel of your laundry, with new cabinets, trough, taps, and overhead cabinets may require move internal pipes to their new required locations, replacing waste pipes and adding additional water points.

Sheds & Granny Flats

If you require cold and hot water to your shed, or thinking about adding a small bathroom to you shed, this is something Horatio Plumbing Services can help you with, from helping you with your design, to layout and installation of all services.

As more people are renovating their houses in Perth, room conversions are becoming popular, converting a garage to a bedroom with ensuite, or converting the enclosed patio into a bedroom / ensuite. Horatio Plumbing Services is able to help you with that, from helping you design the layout to installation of all services.

Granny flats are becoming very popular in Perth, with most of them being built off site and delivered in sections, Horatio Plumbing Services is able to assist you by running services to your granny flat, assisting with connection and commissioning of your new granny flat.

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