Gas Fitting

Gas fitting is the trade that encompass everything fuel gas, however in Western Australia its mostly Natural Gas and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). In Western Australia any gas-fitting must be undertaken by a licensed trades person who is responsibly for any works carried out. Energy Safety WA is the governing body for any Gas-fitting and Electrical installations, based in Cannington, they are the technical regulator. Any gas-fitting work must be sent into to Energy Safety for inspection and compliance, on average one in every five jobs are inspected currently, and in the future this number will increase. ATCO gas Australia is the network supplier in Western Australia – they look after the in ground assets including the gas meter / meter box. If you have dug through your incoming gas main from the street you need to call ATCO gas emergencies on  13 13 52.

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Gas Installations Perth

A lot of appliances in Perth are Natural Gas or if you live up in the Hills or semi rural proprieties, LPG powered. Gas appliances are popular due to their low running cost/efficiency and people prefer gas appliances for cooking. From time to time, appliances will have to be replaced due to age or upgrading. From hot water systems, cooktops and ovens to gas dryers and heaters, Horatio Plumbing Services can help you install any new gas appliance or gas line!

If you are renovating your kitchen you will probably need a plumber and gas-fitter to come out and help you disconnect and reconnect your plumbing and gas fixtures, another service Horatio Plumbing Services can assist with.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are often hard to find, and can go unnoticed if they are located outside, or in a ventilated area. You only notice leaks like this, if your bill steadily increases, or a gas-fitter tests your house for leaks. Usually it’s a loose fitting, or an older type rubber fitting that perishes due to wear and tear, in some houses build in the 80’s where PVC was used for the gas service, it leaks between the copper and PVC connection and can easily be identified and rectified.  

Other places you typically get gas leaks are at the control valve of old hot water systems, gas cook tops (control knobs for the burners) and old gas heaters. They are usually identified easily with a digital gas detector or by simply isolating the unit and retesting the properties gas service.

If you can sometimes notice a faint gas smell in your kitchen or in your cupboards, that’s usually a symptom of a slow gas leak.

If you can smell gas outside, have a look around your gas meter box, if you open your gas meter box and smell gas, that’s usually a good sign of a gas leak outside – Sometimes its normal due to rising and falling mains pressures, other times you may have a small leak.


Commercial Gas Fitting In Perth

Gas Fitting in a commercial environment is usually fairly similar to domestic gas fitting, however the appliances are usually bigger, consume more gas and have more installation requirements. Majority of all kitchens will have at least one gas appliance and / or hot water system. The spray painting industry uses gas ovens to bake freshly spray painted cars, some other industries use gas burners to heat water or liquids to work with them.

Horatio Plumbing Services can assist you with any commercial gas installation or design. We use up to date gas detectors and digital monometers, which can easily identify and rectify and leak you may have on your property.



Gas-fitting services Price
Installation of bayonet point (internal or external)  $450
Servicing of Gas heaters $145
Installation of Fixed Gas heaters (Decorative or free standing) POA
Gas leak detection $145 for first hour, $100 per hour thereafter
Outside radiant heaters POA
Hotplate installation *replacement $245
New Hotplate or oven installation POA
Commercial gas-fitting  POA
Industrial gas-fitting (Pipework only) POA

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