Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative air conditioners are very popular in the Perth metro area, as they are effective in this type of climate and for their cost – both installation and running cost is minute compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner. However, even though they have a low running cost and installation cost compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner – they do require frequent maintenance and are prone to mechanical failure, mostly due to the extreme conditions they operate in, and due to lack of maintenance.

Most Evaporative air conditioners are manufactured locally, with only a couple of brands being imported and manufactured overseas. The best way to identify your unit is to look at the controller on the wall, or if that is unreadable, the brand is usually written on the unit itself – as seen in the picture below.  If your unit is blowing hot air, doesn’t seem to cool enough or simply just doesn’t turn on – then it needs to be looked at by a qualified and experienced technician.

Servicing your air conditioner depends on a few factors, how old your unit is, how long it’s been since its last service and if there is any faults with the unit. Usually a unit will require a good clean and service before first starting up in summer time – this is to remove all the dirt, cobwebs and general dust / muck collected in the pads and the unit itself. After a good clean and a flush it will be working at maximum efficiency  – the best way to keep your unit in top condition is to buy a cover for it, and make sure you put it on during winter time – this saves the pads getting damaged and storms / rains from damaging anything inside the unit. It also helps keep the outside casing in good condition.

Most common issues are readily fixed between 1 to 2 working days with a majority of parts are available locally .

If you are interested in getting your evaporative air conditioners inspected, serviced or repaired, contact Will now!

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Air Conditioner Problems & Causes

  • Controller doesn't work or doesn't light up: Check batteries (If a battery unit), check to make sure the unit hasn't tripped a switch inside your meter box, control board is faulty (inspect/replace), communication cable between A/C and controller is damaged.
  • Unit turns on but loud noise from A/C ducts: Possible bearing failure in fan (inspect/replace), pulley's are damaged (inspect/replace), fan belt is broken (inspect/replace), pad has broken and fallen into fan area (inspect, replace).
  • Unit turns on and fan powers up but no cool air: Check sump pump (Inspect / Replace), Check water supply to unit (Make sure isolation valve works, check solenoid valve, check float valve) Check dump valve (inspect/replace).
  • Unit turns on and fan powers up but cool air however dumps excessive water: Check inlet valve (inspect/replace), check solenoid valve (inspect/replace), check dump valve for correct operation (inspect/replace)
  • Unit turns on and fan powers up but cool air however doesn't seem very effective / smells: Check and replace pads as required.


Evaporative Aircon Services Price
Service single story evaporative air conditioner $145
Diagnose single story evaporative air conditioner $95
Replace pads POA
Replace pump POA
Replace motor POA

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