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Leaking garden tap

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Leaking or dripping taps is common and a straight forward plumbing job – A leaking tap can be caused by a flick mixer having a small bit of dirt / debris in it, a tap washer perishing or be a little more severe, such as worn tap seats or worse case, completely un-serviceable tap seats.

The quality of the tap plays a big part in how often you need to get your taps serviced and how frequently you use them – as any moving parts, tap washers and O-rings are wear parts and eventually fail. By getting a tap serviced quickly you prevent the brass tap body from being damaged and keeps the overall cost down!

Some area’s in Perth have very poor water quality, compared to other suburbs – this can cause taps to start leaking more frequently, cause a blueish greenish tinge to appear on the body of the taps and sometimes clog aerators. It can also attack poor quality brass tap ware very quickly, which can cause leaks in the tap body / spouts themselves.

If you live in an area with poor water quality, its best to install a whole house filter, which will protect your fixtures from premature wear. It will also stop calcium build up on your shower screens, basins and sinks, improve laundry washing and increase the life span of your washing machine / fridge (if connected to water).

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Tap Repair Perth

To service a standard basin or kitchen tap, the following tasks need to be completed:

  1. Disassemble tap ware, remove fixing nut / screw, remove body, expose spindles
  2. Using a spanner, place it on the spindle nut and loosen it counter clockwise
  3. Remove spindle completely, unscrew internal thread and replace O-rings and re-grease
  4. Using a pair of long needle nose pliers, remove the tap washer and check its condition
  5. Using a tap re-seating tool, take a quick skim of the seat, check condition of seat, continue if required
  6. Remove swarf from tap body
  7. Unscrew spout aerator and flush through swarf
  8. Install new tap washer into spindle, screw it back into tap body
  9. Replace fiber gasket
  10. Check for correct operation of tapware
  11. Re-assemble.

To service a standard kitchen, shower or basin mixer, the following tasks need to be completed:

  1. If it’s a cheap mixer tap from Bunnings, Aldi, Masters or the like ($60 or less) Completely remove it and replace it with a decent tap – as its not even worth servicing
  2. Find out the make and model of the tap if possible
  3. Remove the handle – you will need to find the location of the grub screw and loosen it to take off the handle
  4. Remove a section of the body (usually hand tight) this will reveal a brass nut
  5. Loosen and remove the brass nut – this will allow you to remove the cartridge
  6. Purchase new cartridge to suit and replace – making sure to use the locating pins to put it back in the correct position
  7. Re-assemble as dissembled.

If a tap or tap set is allowed to leak continuously for a long period of time, the seating can become so badly pitted that it will have to be completely replaced – If this is a wall set, such as a kitchen, laundry or bathroom set it will require the existing installation to be cut out and re-installed. Which can become fairly intrusive if you only have one shower!

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Leaking tap repair $100

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