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Perth Reticulation

The Perth Metro region is classified as hot-summer Mediterranean, and with the decline of rainfall in Perth, irrigation is the best way to keep your lawns green and your plants healthy. The best thing to do when planning your garden is to ensure you have water wise plants, this means having plants and grass that will cope well with our weather and require minimal water to stay healthy and green. The best way to do this is consult the Water Corp Waterwise Garden – There is a lot of information on this website that will help you choose the right plants and irrigation.

A licensed plumber is required to provide a connection for your irrigation – if you choose to run off the mains water supply. If you have a bore, or install a bore you can use bore water for your irrigation supply. Bore’s are very popular in Perth Metro area, as its a good way to provide water for your garden.

The first thing that will happen is a plumber will attend your house to install the isolation valve and double check valve – after this an irrigation contractor / plumber will check your flow rate and pressure at the valve – this will help design the sprinkler system and dictate how many sprinklers / stations you will need to run efficiently. The majority of properties in Perth have roughly the same flow and pressure – however taking a test will ensure you don’t have any problems in the future, some houses may even have too much pressure, which will require an additional valve to be installed, to ensure pipes don’t burst and sprinklers don’t break.

In Perth you do not need to have a license or a registration to install irrigation – which has an unfortunate effect for home owners who require reticulation repairs, it sometimes makes the job harder or more expensive then it should be, as the previous installer hasn’t followed regulations or just made it up as they’ve installed it.

Most faults and repairs are caused by poor workmanship and materials – With a lot of cheap fittings and valves available on the market it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you are buying quality, with the reality being you are really just purchasing a cheap bulk bought, business owned brand. The solution being to get the problem professionally fixed, using good quality material and pipe – ensuring that the installation will stay good and work well into the future.

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Common Reticulation Repairs In Perth

  • Faulty controllers: Stations don't work correctly, timer doesn't work, the controller is programmable.
  • Burst pipes due to incorrect glue being used.
  • Solenoid valves installed the wrong way, or unable to be located.
  • Master solenoid valve bursting.
  • Isolation valves bursting.
  • Incorrect pressure/pipe used.


Reticulation cut ins Price
20mm reticulation cut in at meter, including isolation valve, dual check valve & valve box $315
Larger diameter reticulation cut ins POA

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